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About me.

About me. Peter Bales, born in 1971.
Since more than 30 years I live and love marketing. My treasure of experience starts at the point of sale and ends with a happy client.

Being a classical pupil of secondary school I went the second course of education - vocational baccalaureate diploma, financial business administrator, up to studying economical psychology. I am convinced that learning and education - hence understanding - never ends.

My values are gratitude, humility and respect. Success is an attitude. To achieve success, the understanding, the comprehension and the conceiving of the needs of your clients is a base requirement. Only who is communicating can also be understood.

My passions are motorcycle racing, my family and live itself.


People are your most important capital.
Personnel Management

The worldwide shortage of resources does not only hit fossil fuels, soil and water; also qualified personnel are increasingly getting tight, also because of the transition. Thereby the staffs of a knowledge-based society are more than ever a crucial fact in the success of a company. The whole area of the personnel management therefore is a part of the strategic management every company should put its attention to. We will explain what exactly is personnel management and which targets and duties the personnel management has.

Personnel management – our definition

The personnel management aligns all the tasks that go together with personnel planning, development, leading and administration. The personnel management therefore is not the duty of just one person, but is formed and accomplished by all the leading positions, talking of the management equally as of the human resources and leading employees.

Targets of the personnel management

Basically the personnel management target is to strengthen the satisfaction of the employees respectively to keep it on a high level. This does not happen because of pure philanthropy: numerous studies confirm that satisfaction at work and productivity, as well as creativity of the staff collaborates closely. Furthermore satisfied employees are less sick and stay longer in the company. All these facts are directly connected with the success of the company, as they lead to less personnel costs and a higher competitiveness.

Duties of the personnel management

The personnel management’s biggest part is basically to choose, appoint and promote workforces appropriate to the company goals. This requires a strategic and sustainable planning, as well as company culture. The personnel management consists of the following duties in detail:

Personnel planning

The personnel’s planning is taking care of recruiting staff for the short-term, intermediate-term and long-term needs and their qualifications. The target is to have fitting staff available at all times.


As soon as you notice that a place will be available soon, you need to recruit new employees. But the search for personnel does not mean to only look externally; you can also look inside your company. Especially within the external search for personnel you need a good personnel marketing. Part of the recruiting is to compile a good job profile, ad placements for the job, the application management, as well as the personnel choice.

Deployment and administration

The personnel deployment comprises the content of an occupation, as well as the worker conditions under which the occupation is achieved – from the recruitment until the retirement of a staff member. The content should correspond to the qualifications and interests of the employee. For the worker conditions you should take care of legal regulations as workplace security and operational participation, together with possibilities to free composition, for example flexible working hours and the choice of tools.

Payment management

The compensation of the personnel involves the monetary accomplishments of a company that is paid to the employee. Through an outstanding payment a company will find and tie highly qualified employees easier. With a linkage between the payment and the performance, motivation and goal orientation of the staff can be promoted.

Development of personnel

The development of the personnel is the systematic preservation and improvement of employee skills. Relevant provisions can be apprenticeships, further training, coaching, mentor-programs and re-educations.

Personnel controlling

Personnel controlling is the planning, control and piloting of personnel management processes by reference to appropriate key figures.

Sales: More than just the art of selling.

The origin of a marketing policy is the distribution target.

You have to define the approach of market segments, target groups, product volumes, turnover volumes and gross margin volumes. The base for it is the company- or marketing strategy. The distribution strategy describes how the sales work has to be shaped to actually achieve the distribution goals.

The crucial elements are:

The definition of the distribution processes / sales channels

The distribution processes are on the roadmap of the sales work and base on the buying journey of the relevant target groups, or –segments. They describe the work stages of the sales work with which the buying journey of the clients should be affected and which activities, qualifications and tools are necessary to accomplish these activities. Afterwards you decide about the choice of the distribution channels, with which you want to implement these processes.

Configuration of the organisation structure

The organisation structure is appointed to each distribution process, or –channel with which it can be implemented efficiently, including the distribution of roles, communications structures and the necessary capacities of sales.

Commitment of control tools

Parameters and tools to monitor and control efficiently need to be defined. From ambition to planning and reporting, CRM, variable compensations, Incentives, assessment systems and up to targeted education and advanced training.

Conception of supporting measures

Social media support, fairs, promotions, events etc. that support the execution of distribution processes are being acquired.

Sales manner at client contact

Guidelines are being issued for positioning, value messages, argumentation and negotiation.

Leadership and management

Tools and methods for personal leading of employees and the management of the sales activities are being adjusted or required.

For a powerful sales strategy all these mentioned elements have to be ideally equipped and synchronized. This is one of the core competences of Peter Bales.

After Sales: After the purchase is before the purchase

It is not done with completing a contract. It is necessary to tie the client durable to the company and to encourage her or him to purchase more. This is the point where the After Sales Service comes in.

After Sales Service: our definition

The After Sales Service is also called After Sales Management. The concept includes all marketing and distribution provisions that target to tie a client durably to a product or service, to the company or the brand.

Therefore the After Sales Service tries to confirm the purchase of the client afterwards. On the other hand the After Sales Service wants to raise the satisfaction of the client and stimulate the client to purchase additionally, following it up or repeat the bargain.

The strategic classification of the After Sales Service

On the one hand the After Sales Service is a part of the Customer-Relationship-Management (CRM). This means the care for the client-relationship is part of its duties. On the other hand the After Sales Service is one step inside the process of purchasing. Thereby the After Sales Service estimates at the bargain and ideally leads to a new presale phase.

The targets of the After Sales Service

The slogan of the After Sales Service can be described with “After the purchase is before the purchase”. The foundation of the After Sales Service has been the cognizance that a relationship to a client does not end with the conclusion of the contract. Instead the relationship stays upright as long as the client uses the product or the service.

The main target of the After Sales Service now is to use this period for different marketing and distribution provisions to secure the customer loyalty and to raise the customer satisfaction. Warranty and further customer services through distribution staff therefore are classical tasks of the After Sales Service.

Beside the setup of a long-term customer relationship it is also part of the After Sales Service to confirm the client’s decision. The target is to raise the contentment of the client with the product, or the service and the company and eventually to encourage the client to follow up the purchase.

Furthermore the marketing and distribution can gain information about the needs, wishes and requirements of the client and to realize the market trend through the After Sales Service. Insofar the After Sales Service delivers insights that can incorporate into the strategy and marketing of new products and services.

The instruments of the After Sales

Service The After Sales Service applies to the interfaces between distribution, company and client that appear through a sale. These interfaces are:

  • The account management and the customer service
  • Warranty and reparation
  • Procurement of spares and supplies plus
  • Customer claim

However these points of contact are being used to introduce new proposals to the client. These proposals can be additional or similar products, but also product-upgrades or newly developed products. In addition the After Sales Service can make use of client magazines and newsletters, or the membership in a client club.

To implement the After Sales Service the provisions of the classical direct marketing are mainly being used. This includes for example the personal talk, telephone marketing, sales letters, raffles and giveaways. But also new and modern marketing tools such as E-Mails, Internet-Communities, reward systems, or exclusive client events are called into action.

The chances of the After Sales Service

Almost in all areas of the requirements and the consumption there is high market saturation these days. The client does not have to compromise, as the offers are huge. Therefore simple advertising efforts are not enough to secure the long-term market position. And here comes the big chance that occurs because of the After Sales Service and also is its main advantage at the same time.

As here the marketing and distribution are addressed to the existing clients. The company not only knows this target group, it also already has applicable client data. Different from the new costumers business, this data doesn’t have to be collected at first. At the same time you minimize divergence loss with advertising and reduce costs. The result is a higher spread. Insofar the After Sales Service firms the customer loyalty, raises the customer satisfaction and the profits of the company sustainably. But the After Sales Service cannot be equalled with the account management or the customer service. These are just a part of the After Sales Service. Another at least as important as this duty is the generation of further conclusions. The core is that the client is meant to contact the company if he needs spares or supplies or services all around his purchased product or if the client wants to buy another product.

The risks of the After Sales Service

The biggest challenge of the After Sales Service is to find the right measure. If a client is constantly contacted with advertising or information she or he simply will be irritated the sooner or later. Moreover the client will not consciously take note of the product and that means the anticipated desire to purchase will not take place.

Otherwise it is important, that the company presents itself as a reliable counterpart and regularly to call to the mind of the client with a good service and attractive offers. On a related note you need to take into account that the quality of the product is a crucial criterion. If the client is disappointed by a product or a service they usually will not follow another purchase. And also the best After Sales Services wont change that.

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